Child Protection

The Child Protection Working Group brings together a diverse group of experts and organizations that work to address various issues related to child welfare. They seek to improve the functioning of families and prevent the separation of children from their families, paying special attention to those outside of family care or at risk of sexual exploitation. The group also conducts trainings for child protection professionals and the general public that outline best practices for responses to child abuse allegations, mentoring programs, vocational trainings, and telephone hotlines. Finally, the Working Group addresses the differing needs of boys and girls and designs educational approaches for practitioners that take into account the gender-specific challenges of the child protection field.
The Child Protection Working Group's current project, "Connecting Older Youth with Families," aims to improve models for finding families for older youth and enabling more successful transitions for orphans to adulthood.

The Child Protection Working Group meets in Washington, DC, on November 16-17, 2013

Child Protection Working Group co-chairs present their 2012 project plans. 

Latest News

To improve the positive connections available to foster care youth in Russian and the US, the Child Protection Working Group set out to understand each countries systems and in the process learned to better address issues facing children and older youth.
Through exchanging ideas, both American and Russian child protection advocates are learning from each other how to better secure the rights of children.
“I've been really impressed by how much we can accomplish just by locking people in a room for two days,” said Natalie Komrovsky about the 2014 US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange Conference sessions titled “Toward Sustainable Partnerships” that took place this fall.