Community Development

The Community Development Working Group consists of NGO and business experts who aim to promote the exchange of best practices for sustainable development between the US and Russia. More specifically, the Working Group strives to create an environment to stimulate the participation of volunteers in the development of local communities. The group also seeks to foster local entrepreneurship, supporting the needs of local communities to diversify and expand their economic base by leveraging local resources. Finally, the working group promotes the exchange of sustainable community development practices and experiences through partnerships and networks within and across local communities. Such exchanges of best practices can take various forms, including volunteer exchanges, virtual or in-person meetings, or exchanges of reports and analyses.
The Community Development Working Group's current project, "Creating Economic Opportunity in Small Communities," will promote the development of small communities through utilizing existing assets to advance local entrepreneurial activity.

Community development experts lead a training in Nizhny Novgorod in April 2013. 

Members of the Community Development Working Group meet at the 2012 conference in Washington, DC. 

Latest News

As members of the Community Development Working Group found out, entrepreneurs can come from the most unexpected places...
“I've been really impressed by how much we can accomplish just by locking people in a room for two days,” said Natalie Komrovsky about the 2014 US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange Conference sessions titled “Toward Sustainable Partnerships” that took place this fall.
On September 30, 2014 SEE hosted a webinar on the subject of “Cultivating Donor Relations.” It featured SEE representatives with extensive expertise in the sphere of fundraising and fostering effective donor relations.