Every Face Has a Story: Migrants, Law Enforcement, and the Media

The Migration Working Group will study the effect of mass media on the formation of public attitudes towards migrants, especially pertaining to their interaction with law enforcement agencies. The project seeks to facilitate interaction among migrants and members of the mass media and law enforcement agencies. It will also educate 20 journalists about the experiences of migrants to foster more nuanced and accurate coverage of migrants in the mainstream press. Project participants will prepare summaries of media reports that draw from a variety of sources for journalists, the general public, and immigration and law enforcement officials. They will curate collaborative publications for journalists covering law enforcement and migration issues and conduct a training seminar for journalism students, professional journalists, and law enforcement press secretaries. The project will be implemented by the Center for Citizenship Education and Human Rights, Tong Jahoni, Ural House, Tajikistan Foundation, and the Kennan Moscow Project in Russia, as well as the Champaign-Urbana Immigration Forum, the University of Chicago Human Rights Program, and the Kennan Institute in the US.