Protection of Flora and Fauna

The Protection of Flora and Fauna Working Group brings together professionals and organizations that support sustainable and responsible development that protects ecosystems while also preventing and responding to technological catastrophes. Through international cooperation and sharing strategies and new uses for technology, the Working Group members work towards the greater goal of preserving natural resources.

The Protection of Flora and Fauna Working Group previously created an information resource to raise awareness in local communities in the US and Russia on how climate change and industrial activities affect local ecosystems.

Co-chairs from the Protection of Flora and Fauna Working Group present their proposal to raise awareness of climate change in local communities. 

The Protection of Flora and Fauna Working Group meets in Moscow in 2011. 

Latest News

You look out the window, and there is a bear in your backyard. What do you do? Learn about how far our Protection of Flora and Fauna fellows and working group members had to travel to answer this and other similar questions about conflict management between humans and predators in Russia and the U.S.
“I've been really impressed by how much we can accomplish just by locking people in a room for two days,” said Natalie Komrovsky about the 2014 US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange Conference sessions titled “Toward Sustainable Partnerships” that took place this fall.
On September 30, 2014 SEE hosted a webinar on the subject of “Cultivating Donor Relations.” It featured SEE representatives with extensive expertise in the sphere of fundraising and fostering effective donor relations.