Promoting Health Among Migrants to Russia and U.S. Through Social Changes

Public Health Working Group Members Andrey Demin and Stevan Weine review a report on tobacco cessation.

On September 26-27, the Child Protection, Community Development, Higher Education, and Public Health Working Groups gathered in Arlington, VA, for SEE’s inaugural conference, “Building New Networks.” Each working group designed a project that they will carry out over the next year.
The Public Health Working Group will explore the most appropriate and achievable strategies to address the health status of migrants in Russia and the US. The project will systematically review the challenges and measures taken regarding migrants in both countries, and also take into account new comparative and cross-cutting models and approaches for addressing the issue in its social context. Partners will prepare and review whitepapers and arrange and participate in round tables, resulting in materials including a recommendation plan that will be disseminated among practitioners, researchers, educators, area experts, and community and religious leaders. The project will be implemented by the Russian Public Health Association and the UIC Center for Global Health.