Higher Education

The Higher Education Working Group, made up of academic experts and representatives from educational institutions and non-profit organizations, works to increase civic involvement and enhance collaboration among higher education institutions in Russia and the US. The Working Group specifically focuses on building partnerships through the development of, and cooperation among, professional organizations, associations of colleges and universities, and service networks. It also seeks to analyze and expand existing US/Russian higher education institutional partnerships to facilitate the sharing of best practices and to address common challenges to both educational systems. Working Group members also promote university engagement with the local community to implement community-centered projects, facilitate student activities, and promote gender inclusiveness.
The Higher Education Working Group's current project, "Establishing and Developing Partnerships between Russian and American Universities: From Motivation to Results," will deepen cooperation among Russian and US higher education experts working to strengthen inter-university partnerships.

The Higher Education Working Group meets at the 2012 conference in Washington, DC. 

The Education and Youth Working Group at the 2014 SEE Conference.

Latest News

On May 26, 2015 the Higher Education Working Group of the US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) hosted a webinar, “US-Russia Cooperation in Higher Education: Engaging in a Professional Dialogue,” which brought together several experts to discuss the changing landscape of higher education in Russia. Find all the presentation materials here.
“I've been really impressed by how much we can accomplish just by locking people in a room for two days,” said Natalie Komrovsky about the 2014 US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange Conference sessions titled “Toward Sustainable Partnerships” that took place this fall.
A year after the successful US-Russia Joint/Dual Degree Conference, the publication of the Higher Education Working Group’s joint degree guidebook is set to enhance US-Russia university partnerships even further.