The Migration Working Group includes organizations and individual experts that address challenging migration issues in both Russia and the US. One of the main priorities of the Working Group is to map the institutional context of migration, specifically focusing on assessing areas of need and documenting best practices. The Working Group members also seek to encourage migrant integration in communities in both countries, as well as access to the labor market, education, and healthcare. The Working Group also works toward strengthening migrants’ access to services that provide for legal support.
The Migration Working Group’s previous project, entitled “Legal Process and Migrants: Issues of Equity and Effectiveness,” worked to improve the legal and institutional environment for migration flows in Russia and the US.

The Migration Working Group discusses their project at the October, 2014 SEE Conference in Washington, DC.

The Migration Working Group meets at the 2012 conference in Washington, DC. 

The Migration Working Group meets at the 2011 conference in Moscow. 

Latest News

“I've been really impressed by how much we can accomplish just by locking people in a room for two days,” said Natalie Komrovsky about the 2014 US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange Conference sessions titled “Toward Sustainable Partnerships” that took place this fall.
On September 30, 2014 SEE hosted a webinar on the subject of “Cultivating Donor Relations.” It featured SEE representatives with extensive expertise in the sphere of fundraising and fostering effective donor relations.
The Migration Working Group will study the effect of mass media on the formation of public attitudes towards migrants, especially pertaining to their interaction with law enforcement agencies.