A New Model for Collaborative Journalism

In September 2013, CSPP’s Collaborative Journalism Working Group announced the winners of the Common Stories project, the first ever US-Russian collaborative journalism competition. 
Led by journalist and working group member Maria Balinksa in collaboration with journalist Veronika Menjoun, the competition called for jointly produced stories that document common social challenges faced by both the US and Russia within the scope of CSPP’s working group subject areas. 
“We were impressed by the level of interest in new methods of collaboration displayed by the project participants, as well as by the topics proposed for development,” commented Balinska. 
Winning articles covered subjects including abandoned children, Afghanistan veterans, and American and Russian farmers. The pieces have already been published by Latitude News, Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting, and the newspaper K Vashim Uslugam. They will appear in print and online in the University of Missouri’s Global Journalist publication this fall.