Working Group Members in the News - November 2013

Once a month, SEE publishes a round-up of the activities and accomplishments our working group members, Linkage project participants, and fellows.

  • On October 14-15, Galina Arapova, director and senior lawyer at the Mass Media Defence Center, conducted a seminar on legal protection for print media businesses that was attended by more than 50 editors, journalists, and media lawyers in Yekaterinburg.
  • On November 1, Sergei Dugin, director of the Humanitarian Action Fund in St. Petersburg, was interviewed about rehabilitation programs for drug abusers on the program "Addiction or Freedom."
  • In October, Svetlana Filiatreau,  Eurasia Programs coordinator for the Office of Global and International Strategies at George Mason University, visited Bashkir State Medical University with other representatives from George Mason University to discuss possibilities for deepening partnerships through academic exchanges and collaborative projects.
  • Jan Langbein was named CEO of Shelter Ministries of Dallas and will oversee both Austin Street Center and Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support.
  • Darya Makovetskaya, chief executive at the Karelia Center for Volunteer Development, was interviewed on the television show "Vazhnaya Tema" about the growth of volunteerism in Karelia, the Olympic torch relay, and the Universade this past summer in Kazan.
  • Svetlana Makovetskaya, director of the Center for Civic Analysis and Independent Research (GRANI), made the AiF-Prikamye list of the 10 most influential women in the Perm region.
  • In an article for Kommersant, Vladimir Mukomel, a sociology professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences, discussed a proposition to criminalize the act of providing financial support to extremists.
  • Kathleen Newland, co-founder and director of the Migration Policy Institute, argued against the motion “Let Anyone Take A Job Anywhere” as part of an Intelligence Squared debate that was broadcasted on NPR.
  • Asmik Novikova, research director for the Public Verdict Foundation, appeared on TV Dozhd to discuss recent statistics on public perceptions of the police.
  • On October 23, Marina Pisklakova-Parker, director of the National Center for the Prevention of Violence “ANNA,” spoke at a conference in Moscow organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the United Nations Population Fund among others on the role of NGOs in Russia in overcoming of problem of human trafficking.
  • On October 6th, more than 400 men and women were reunited with their families for Family Day at Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (TROSA) in North Carolina.
  • The US-Russia Business Council (USRBC) partnered with the Russian Compliance Alliance (RCA), a recently-launched initiative by the Center for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance to help global corporations combat supply chain risk.
  • The World Wildlife Fund and Global Environment Fund have partnered to protect Russia’s Amur tigers, the snow leopards, and Far Eastern and Persian leopards in their natural habitats.