Innovative Social Ventures: Case Studies from Russia and the US

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“Innovative Social Ventures: Case Studies from Russia and the US” is a versatile resource for learning and teaching about social enterprises across borders. The Social Entrepreneurship Working Group’s coverage of these case studies grew out of an exchange trip to various socially-conscious businesses in the United States in 2014. The film profiles four organizations founded by members of the working group: two in the US and two in Russia. These endeavors for social good have a variety of missions, from food and income security to youth leadership, socialization, and rehabilitation. Each organization helps its target population help themselves by teaching them to work with their hands and get a grasp on the challenges they face.

The full one-hour video is intended for all professionals studying and practicing social entrepreneurship, as well as for those who are just becoming familiar with this important form of social innovation.

The featured case studies are:

Grow Dat Youth Farm (New Orleans, LA): Teaching youth leaders the value of localized agriculture while improving food security of the community.
Jewel Girls (Moscow, Russia): Utilizing art therapy to support youth living in shelters and orphanages, victims of violence, forced labor and domestic servitude as well as children living on the streets.
Merry Felt (Rybinsk, Russia): Supporting individuals and families through flexible employment in the arts.
TROSA (North Carolina): Transforming rehabilitation and recovery for drug addicts by building programming services around sustainable businesses.

Each case is examined according to the following three-part framework:

Part 1: Background, Mission and Purpose.
Part 2: Organizational Model.
Part 3: Social Impact.

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