SEE Project Competition Opens for 2016-2017

The US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) is pleased to announce the launch of its 2016-2017 project competition. Project teams, composed of at least one US and one Russian organization, are invited to propose innovative bilateral initiatives that benefit the people of both countries and address a common issue in at least one of the following socially-oriented themes:

  1. Social support and protection of citizens (e.g., children, women, or vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities or the elderly); 
  2. Protection of flora and fauna and promotion of animal welfare; 
  3. Promotion of philanthropy and volunteerism;
  4. Youth development, extracurricular and alternative education;
  5. Public health and promotion of healthy lifestyles; 
  6. Preservation of cultural identities, languages and traditions of indigenous peoples; 
  7. Advancement of social and cultural adaptation and integration of migrants; 
  8. Medical and social rehabilitation, social and economic reintegration of persons engaged in the illicit use of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances; 
  9. Promotion of economic and labor mobility.

Details on specific eligibility criteria, project design requirements and submission instructions are specified in the official Request for Applications (RFA) available for download below. 
Project teams may request up to $42,000 in funding. Teams that integrate invited professionals into their project design will be awarded an additional $5,100 per professional to cover their expenses (for more information on the invited professionals component, please refer once more to the RFA available for download below). Integration of invited professionals into individual projects is welcomed, but not required.
To participate in the competition, all project teams must complete an initial Statement of Interest (SOI) using the form provided below, by no later than April 7, 2016. Completed SOIs should be submitted electronically to with the following subject line:  “SOI – [Name of the Lead US Organization]”.
Project teams with the most prospective SOIs will be invited to submit a comprehensive application, which will be due on May 11, 2016.

Competition Application Materials
Request for Applications (RFA) (English) 
Statement of Interest Form (SOI) (English)

Reference Materials
RFA (Russian) 
SOI (Russian)
(For reference only; please complete the version in English to be considered for the competition)
Sample Comprehensive Application Form (English)
(Please note that this document from the 2015-2016 competition is only provided as a sample. Official project applications for the 2016-2017 competition will only be sent to project teams that successfully complete the SOI stage of the competition. The 2016-2017 competition application materials will have a similar format with slightly different content.)