SEE’s Annual 30-second Video Contest is now open!

Enter SEE’s annual 30-second Video Contest for a chance to join one of the production teams of our student television bridges!

Produce a season (fall 2018 – spring 2019) of informational broadcasts with peers in Russia, and get a chance

to travel to Russia during the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

The student television bridges are collaborative international video production projects led by competitively-chosen anchor teams composed of Russian and US high school students. Submit your 30-second video for a chance to lead one of our student television bridges like Youth TV-Bridge or Disability Partnership TV!



1.       Teams applying under the following topics will be considered to lead the season of Youth TV Bridge or a similar project:

A.      Environmentally friendly sporting events

B.       Bridging cultures through sports


2.       Teams applying under the following topics will be considered to lead the season of Disability Partnership TV:

A.      Accessible sporting events

B.       Inclusive sports

Contest Guidelines

  • Express why you are interested in collaborating with Russian peers
  • Briefly explain how your team would benefit from travelling to Russia and what you would contribute as part of the US-Russia Student Bridge for which you are applying
  • Use simple Russian phrases, cultural references and humor/emotion


1.       The SEE 30-second Video Contest is open to high school video production teams. Teams must be composed of a teacher and a maximum of four students. All team members involved in the video production, including the teacher, must be the applicants listed in the contest entry form and must be available to travel to Russia for the period of up to 8 days between June 12 and July 15, 2018. No substitution of team members after the submission will be permitted.

2.       The video’s total runtime must be no longer than 30 seconds. We reserve the right to disqualify submissions exceeding 30 seconds at our own discretion.

3.       All competition entries must abide by the STN Creative Content Policy and the STN Use of Copyrighted Materials. Please make sure that all material and ideas are your own original work.

4.       By entering this competition, your team grants SEE permission to use your video for program promotion purposes.

5.       Entries must be submitted by March 2, 2018 11:59 PM EST. Late submissions will not be considered.

6.       Teams may submit more than one entry, but no more than one entry per topic.

7.       All team members must hold valid US passports.

8.       Submitting teams must be from schools that are now (or are willing to become) STN members.

9.       Failure to meet any of the above guidelines may result in disqualification.


Step 1: Upload your video to a YouTube account. Set the video to “unlisted” and generate a link to the video to include in your official online contest entry form. Visit for additional YouTube upload instructions.

Step 2: Fill out and submit the mandatory official online SEE 30-second Video Contest Entry Form:  

  •          Youth TV Bridge applicants must go to to submit their contest entries (you will be given an option to select your contest topic in the form).
  •          DPTV applicants must go to  to submit their contest entries (you will be given an option to select your contest topic in the form).


The judges will be looking for videos that make a strong connection to the topic. Entries should capture the viewer's attention and keep it.

Evaluation criteria


  •          Camera/Direction
  •          Lighting
  •          Audio/Sound
  •          Graphics/Effects
  •          Camera Presence/Talent
  •          Storytelling/Content
  •          Integrity/Courage
  •          Entertainment value/emotion
  •          Editing/Transition



Any submissions turned in after the deadline and/or without the completed form will not be considered. The winning team will be notified between March 5 and March 8, 2018, depending on the volume of submissions.