Community Living and Employment for People with Disabilities in Russia and the U.S.

Handbook on Community Living and Employment

University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration and their Russian partners, Life Route and Ordinary Childhood, are glad to announce their new handbook on "Community Living and Employment.” With this new edition, they hope to raise the awareness of persons with disabilities, family members, employers, neighbors, healthcare providers, co-workers, and others, providing readers with basic facts about strategies that can used to enhance support for persons with disabilities to lead valued, meaningful lives.   


The partnership was supported by the US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange Program, enabling Russian and U.S. participants to conduct site visits and learn about independent living in the Twin Cities and Moscow. Each chapter is co-authored by U.S. and Russian professionals and accompanied by concrete examples of innovative approaches to the following topics: transitioning from school to adulthood, working with families, health, wellness and relationships, community-based housing and supports, activities of daily living, guardianship, opportunities for employment, supported and customized employment, and other areas.  

Please take a look at a preview of the handbook below (full version is coming soon)!