Protected Areas: Beyond the Usual Thinking

The Protection of Flora and Fauna Working Group seeks to redefine and communicate to the public and decision-makers the full value of protected areas on the eve of the hundredth anniversary of the first protected area in Russia and the US National Park Service in 2016. The project will establish a group of like-minded professionals in protected areas management who will analyze the role of protected areas in ecosystem functions and services. Project partners will organize a joint meeting of protected areas professionals, and publish a comparative analysis of ecosystem services provided by Yellowstone in the US and Lake Baikal in Russia. Through exchange visits, professionals will learn from each other through field experience, and these study tours will also inform their final report. The project will be implemented by the Partnership for Zapovedniks, Strana Zapovednaya, the Baikal Association of Protected Areas, WWF Russia, and the Ministry of Nature Resources and the Environment in Russia, and the National Parks Conservation Association, the National Wildlife Refuge Association, Clemson University, the US National Park Service, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service in the US.