Social Entrepreneurship Working Group

The Social Entrepreneurship Working Group will promote programs that engage vulnerable populations in Russia and the US. The project will encourage mutual learning and exchange through visits to at least six social enterprises in the US for Russians to share their work with Americans. Project partners will compile a report of best practices for building social enterprises that engage vulnerable populations and share stories of social entrepreneurship in the US.  A conference and roundtable discussion will be held in Russia at the end of the project to promote the final report of recommendations. The project will be implemented jointly by the Farm School, the Far-Eastern Center for the Promotion of Civic Initiatives and Social Partnership, Merry Felt, and the Urtam Special Correction School in Russia, and Keep Growing Detroit, TROSA, Grow Dat Youth Farm, the Youth Empowerment Project, the Mississippi Association of Cooperatives, the Appalachian Sustainable Development, Propeller, and Balle in the US.