Standardizing Basic International Compliance Criteria for Russian Multinational Supply Chains

The Business Ethics and Compliance Working Group aims to standardize basic international compliance criteria for Russian multinational supply chains, educate Russian suppliers, and encourage voluntary participation (ISO9000 model) for multinationals and Russian suppliers. The project seeks to implement basic ethics compliance standards, create the governance organization needed to run a compliance system, and recruit participants for a pilot project involving eight  multinationals and forty Russian companies. The working group will partner with the Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (CREATe), convene a Russian advisory group to review compliance standards, and localize the CREATe system to support compliance implementation. Project participants will hold meetings with multinationals and Russian companies to market programs and collect feedback for modifications. The project will be jointly implemented by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Delovaya Rossiya, OPORa, and the Association of European Businesses in Russia, as well as the Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (CREATe), the American Chamber of Commerce, and the US-Russia Business Council in the US.